Central Open 2019

Hosted by the Gander Community Tennis Association

Important Update

The tournament has concluded.  Please review the Results page to view our video archive and the draws and results from the tournament.

Congrats to the tournament winners!

  • Men's Singles: Devin Edwards
  • Women's Singles: Kendra Dyson
  • Men's U15 Singles: Ben Taj
  • Men's U30 Singles: Devin Edwards
  • Men's O45 Singles: Craig Dunn
  • Women's U15 Singles: Emelyn P
  • Men's Doubles: Jones / Devin Edwards
  • Women's Doubles: Kendra Dyson / Katie McDonald
  • Mixed Doubles: Keira Kay / Thomas Hawkins
  • Men's U15 Doubles: Max Collins / Josh Young


Use this page to watch our recorded matches from this year. It may take some time to process the recorded videos. Use the playlist icon in the top right corner to load other matches. Youtube will not allow me to edit the videos for Friday, I'll make them available when I'm able to edit them offline.


Social Corner

Central Open 2019   August 15 - 18, 2019

Technology Setup: Thomas Hawkins