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Practice Wall

A practice wall allows you to play solo when no other player is available. This may or may not be part of a normal court, and may or may not have lines painted. Check the description field for more information.

Court Cost

A court may have a cost associated with its use. This could be a drop in fee, or a membership fee. Many clubs offer both free access and a membership (like in Gander). Others offer drop-in options, while others are public courts and require no payment. Many clubs allow free access to the courts before or after regular programming for the summer. This is usually May, part of June, mid to late September and October (if they still have the nets up).

Setup or Court Verification

This is one of the trickiest items for me to keep track of. This field will tell you if I know or if it has been reported to me that a court is set up. This means that access is allowed (no locked gates) and there is a net in place. Most courts are going to say unknown for most of the season. However, if I do see a court set up in my travels, I'll update it on the website. If it is July or later, and I see a court not setup, I will mark as 'Not Setup'.

Of course, since I can't be everywhere, if it is July, and the court says Unknown, it is probably safe to head down there.

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