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About This Site


The inspiration for this site came from my desire to find some tennis courts in communities I was visiting. While searching for tennis courts in Denver, I came across which lists all of the courts in the city, their features, and plots them on a map.

I instantly thought that this was a great idea for visitors to the city, and also thought it would be a great idea to catelog all of the tennis courts across Newfoundland. This would be useful for both visitors to the province, and also Newfoundlanders themselves. The next day, this site was born.

Can I help?

Sure. If you know of any courts that aren't listed, fill out this form and I will add it. If you notice any corrections or out of date information, drop me a message above and I'll get it fixed up.

I'd like to set something like this up for my town/region/province/country/other sport. Can you help?

I would be willing to give you all of the code that powers the site for free. You would need to make any required modifications to suit your area/sport.

Where did you get the data?

Well, initially I entered courts I was aware of, and any court I could find from space, by browsing Google maps. After this initial data entry, I added courts that were reported to me by other users of the website.

Who designed the website and/or logo?

I, Thomas Hawkins, created the website and input the data. I got my good friend Levin from Four and Three to design the logo, and to give the site a nice look.